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Magnetoelectricity Velocity Sensors

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YMC 321V series the magnetoelectric velocity sensors is a mechanical-electric Transformation sensor. No external power supplies, low output impedance; Suitable for testing vibration, speed, torque, etc; Both test directions of horizontal level (suffix H) and vertical (suffix V) level

321V10: Sensitivity: 20mV/mm/s; Range:100mm/s; Frequency Range:5Hz ~1kHz

322V10: DC power supply;
Displacement Type: Sensitivity 8mV/μm,measuring range: 1mm; Frequency Range: 0.5Hz ~ 600Hz
Velocity Type: Sensitivity 50mV/mm/s, measuring range: 10mm/s;Frequency Range: 0.5Hz ~ 600Hz; 4 ~ 20mA output type customized