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PLUTOS Inc. Ltd.

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PLUTOS Inc. Ltd - Founded in 2011 has over 45 years experience with service, production and sales in Environmental test equipment and calibration.

We offer high quality products, at affordable pricing with professional and friendly service

  • electrodynamics vibration systems
  • permanent magnet shakers
  • vibration control systems (including Sine, Random, Shock, SoS, SoR, RSTD…)
  • replacement amplifiers
  • head-expanders
  • fixtures
  • accelerometers
  • analysers
  • drop machines 
  • head-forms
  • calibration
  • on site shakers repairs (on all ED shakers makes)
  • Spare part for ED shakers 
For sensors, controllers and capture systems please visit our other website www.sensor-vibration.eu

If you have any question regarding our products or services please do not hesitate to contact us.



is a cutting-edge vibration controller for electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic shakers



the next generation of vibration controller is now available from ECON for large-scale MIMO


3 axis shakers

Simultaneous three-axis vibration testing systems designed to simulate “real-world” environments.
Reduces testing time by two-thirds for significant cost savings Ideal for testing in accordance with MIL-STD-810G requirements
System from 9,8kN up to 58,8kN


STI Electro-Dynamics Shakers

ED shakers from 1kN up to 400kN including Long Stroke range of shakers with or without slip tables