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UCON is a cutting-edge vibration controller for electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic shakers. It integrates the up-to-date DSP technology, low noise hardware design, vibration control algorithms and data transmission protocols. UCON is also a multi-tasking system with close-loop control handled by a DSP processor and independent of PC to ensure the efficiency of real-time control systems, with rapid response to tested system changes. Thus it guarantees high performance, powerful features and safety. It also provides testing engineers an easy-to-use application software package. UCON Tech Spec plutos-2
Excellent Solution for Vibration Control


Analog Channels Up to 16 synchronized channels for single chassis.
Resolution 24-bit ADC
Voltage Ranges ±10, ±1 or ±0.1 VPEAK
Dynamic Range 110 dB
Coupling AC, DC, ICP, TEDS (optional)
Maximum Input ±36 VPEAK without damage
Filtering An analog filter plus a 160 dB / octave digital filter.
Amplitude Accuracy 0.08 dB
Channel Match Amplitude within 0.01 dB
Phase within ± 0.2 degree(DC to 20,000 Hz)
Signal-to-Noise > 100 dB(DC to 1,000 Hz measured with half-full-scale sine wave)
Channel Crosstalk < -110 dB
Analog channels 1 Drive channel, 1 COLA channel. (optional)
Resolution 24-bit DAC
Voltage ranges ±10VPEAK
Dynamic range 110 dB
Filtering An analog filter plus a 160 dB/ octave digital filter
Harmonic distortion <-100dB
PC Connection
Operating System Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Connectivity USB2.0
Regulatory Compliance
Compliance CE Marking
Safety EN 61326-1:1997, EN 61010-1:2001
Environmental Temperature 41 to 113 oF, -10 to 50 oC
Humidity 20% to 90% RH non-condensing
Electrical AC Power 88 to 264 Volts, 47 to 63 Hz, auto sensing
Consumption (W) VT-9002: 40; VT-9008: 4.25; VT-9016: 4.98
Dimension (mm) VT-9002 362x278x79 Weight (kg) 2.77
VT-9008 455x355x92 4.25
VT-9016 455x355x92 4.98

Based on its powerful real-time control capability and large data transmission width, UCON features flexible and scalable vibration control solution from 2 to 16 channels.

  • VT-9002: up to 2 input (Voltage/ICP/Charge) channels and 1 drive channel
  • VT-9008: up to 8 input (Voltage/ICP/Charge) channels and 1 drive channel, 1 COLA channel, with 2 digital I/O interfaces.
  • VT-9016: up to 16 input (Voltage/ICP) channels and 1 drive channel, 1 COLA channel, with 2 digital I/O interfaces.

TEDS is optional for Type VT-9002, type VT-9008 and type VT-9016.

vt9002 vt9008 vt9016
VT-9002 VT-9008 VT-9016