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Piezoelectric, Quartz Pressure IEPE Sensors (Charge Mode Available)

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General Purpose Pressure
Free-field explosion pressure
Large range dynamic pressure
621P Series:
Piezoresistive pressure sensors

YMC piezoelectric pressure sensors with IEPE amplified output are used for a variety of dynamic pressure measurements. The sensors are well suited for continuous operation in “dirty” environments, underwater, and in field test applications across long cables. Since special low-noise cable and charge amplifiers are not required, IEPE sensor systems are substantially lower in cost per channel. Because of the IEPE sensor’s low impedance output, superior signal-to-noise ratio, ability to drive long low-cost coaxial cables, they are ideal for virtually all dynamic pressure applications where sensor temperatures range from -40 to +121 °C). For higher temperature applications, charge output sensors are available for use up to +250 °C.
Although piezoelectric pressure sensors are primarily recommended for dynamic pressure measurements, some quartz pressure sensors have long discharge time constants that extend low-frequency capability to permit static calibration and measurement of quasi-static pressures over a period of a few seconds.

  • Fast, micro-second response time
  • Resonant frequency to ≥100 kHz
  • Measure small pressure changes at high static pressure levels
  • Operating temperature range from -40 to +250 °C
  • Rugged solid state construction withstands shock and vibration to thousands of G's
  • IEPE amplified output for “dirty” or underwater environments can be transmitted through long, ordinary coaxial cable without loss of signal strength or an increase in noise

Sensitivity Operating
Weight Dimensions Mounting Stud Output Type
601P30 0~30MPa 0.2pC/kPa -40~+150oC >100kHz 10 Gram Ø10x37 mm M10x1 M5
611P30 0~30MPa 0.15mV/kPa -40~+121oC >200kHz 13 Gram Ø10x37 mm M10x1 M5
602P10 0~10MPa 0.4pC/kPa -40~+150oC >100kHz 150 Gram Ø20x200 mm - BNC
612P10 0~10MPa 0.4mV/kPa -40~+121oC >100kHz 160 Gram Ø20x200 mm - BNC
603P200 0~200MPa 0.03pC/kPa -40~+150oC >200kHz 12 Gram Ø10x47 mm M10x1 M5
613P200 0~200MPa 0.03mV/kPa -40~+121oC >200kHz 16 Gram Ø10x47 mm M10x1 M5

621P series Piezoresistive pressure sensors:
Output: 0 ~ +5VDC; 0 ~ +10VDC; 4 ~ 20mA
Measuring Range: up to 60MPa
With temperature compensation.
Can be used to measure the static pressure.
The laser welding sealing structure.