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Quartz Force IEPE Sensors (Charge Mode Available)

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Quartz Force Sensors are recommended for dynamic force applications. Measurements of dynamic oscillating forces, impactor high speed compression/tension under varying conditions may require sensors with special capabilities. Fast response, ruggedness, stiffness comparable to solid steel, extended ranges and the ability to also measure quasi-static forces are standard features associated with YMC quartz force sensors.
Applications include matrix print-head studies, drop testing, machinery studies, punching and forming operations, impact testing, fatigue testing, fracture analysis, and materials testing.
501F Series: compression
511F Series:
Ring-style compression
502F Series:
compression / tension
503F Series: 3-component
compression / tension


Range (compression) Range
Sensitivity Resonance
Dimensions Weight
501F01 500N - 10mV/N >70kHz Ø18x12 mm 15 Gram
501F02 2kN - 2.5mV/N >70kHz Ø18x12 mm 15 Gram
501F03 5kN - 1mV/N >70kHz Ø18x12 mm 15 Gram
511F01 500N Suitable fixtures

10mV/N >55kHz Ø18xØ6x12 mm 24 Gram
511F03 2kN 2.5mV/N >50kHz Ø18xØ6x12 mm 24 Gram
511F04 5kN 1mV/N >50kHz Ø18xØ6x12 mm 24 Gram
511F04  10kN  0.5mV/N >45kHz  Ø18xØ6x12 mm 24 Gram
511F05  50kN  0.1mV/N  >45kHz  Ø34xØ12x17 mm 48 Gram
511F06  100kN  0.05mV/N  >40kHz  Ø34xØ12x17 mm 48 Gram 
511F07  250kN  0.02mV/N  >35kHz  Ø40xØ12x20 mm 90Gram 
511F08  500kN  0.01mV/N  >30kHz  Ø80xØ16x36 mm  350 Gram
502F01  500N 500N   10mV/N  >35kHz  Ø15x20 mm  24 Gram
502F02  2kN 2kN   2.5mV/N  >35kHz  Ø15x20 mm  24 Gram
502F03  5kN 5kN  1mV/N  >35kHz  Ø15x20 mm  24 Gram
503F01  Z: 5kN; X, Y: 1kN Z: 5kN; X, Y: 1kN   1mV/N  >20kHz  42x42x42 mm 400 Gram
503F02  Z: 10kN; X, Y: 2kN  Z: 10kN; X, Y: 2kN  0.5mV/N  >18kHz  55x55x60 mm 800 Gram
503F03  Z: 50kN; X, Y: 10kN Z: 50kN; X, Y: 10kN   0.1mV/N >8.5kHz   80x80x90 mm  3,200 Gram

Note: IEPE Low Impedance Quartz Force IEPE Sensors incorporate a built-in microelectronic amplifier to convert the high impedance charge output into a low impedance voltage signal for recording. IEPE sensors, powered from a separate constant current source, operate over long ordinary coaxial or ribbon cable without signal degradation. The low impedance voltage signal is not affected by triboelectric cable noise or contaminants. Quartz charge mode force sensors with fallen insulators can be used at operating temperatures up to 200°C. YMC can offer charge mode force sensors.
Ring-style sensor configurations measure dynamic compression. Tension measurements are also possible if the unit has been installed with proper pre-load. The through-hole mounting supports platform, integrated link, and support style installations using either a through-bolt or the supplied stud. Versions offering full-scale measurements of 500 to 500k N compression are available. Tension range is dependent upon the amount of applied pre-load and strength of mounting stud used. Applications include tablet presses, stamping, punching and forming operations, balancing, machinery studies, and force-controlled vibration testing.

3-Component Quartz Force Sensors
  • Measure 3-Orthonganal Forces Simultaneously
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Choice of IEPE or Charge Versions

Three-component quartz force ring sensors are capable of simultaneously measuring dynamic force in three orthogonal directions (X, Y, and Z). They contain three sets of quartz plates that are stacked in a preloaded arrangement. Each set responds to the vector component of an applied force acting along its sensitive axis. 3-component ring force sensors must be statically pre-loaded for optimum performance. Pre-loading provides the sensing elements with the compressive loading required to allow the proper transmission of shear forces. Versions are available with ranges up to 50k N in the z-axis (perpendicular to the top surface), and up to 10k N in the x-and y (shear) axes. Both IEPE and charge output styles are available.
Three-component force links eliminate the preload requirement of 3-component quartz force ring sensors, and offers a convenient, 4-screw hole mounting plate on each side end the sensor. Quartz 3-component force links are constructed by installing a 3-component force ring sensor, under pre-load, between two mounting plates.