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Cable and Connectors

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C001 Bronze axles shield cable SYV-50 (50Ω)
C002 Low Noise Cable (STYV - 1, Φ2mm)
C003 Low Noise Cable (STYV - 2, Φ3mm)
C004 High Temperature Low Noise Cable STFF - 0.9 (200℃)
D001 Connector Adaptor: D001 - M5/BNC; D001 - 10 - 32/BNC
D002 Connector Adaptor: D002 - M5/M5; D002 - 10-32/10-32; D002 - M5/10-32
D003 BNC plug to two BNC jacks: T-BNC
F001 BNC Plug
F002 M5/10-32 plugs

Note: YMC can offer your suitable accessories and cables for your needs. Please contact with us.